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Our History

Committed to Making a Difference

Founded by a group of young Africans, Nyuklia Eureka was established in order to provide African youth around the world with an environment in which they can not only learn more about nuclear disarmament but also be equipped with the tools and platform needed to help us get closer to a world free from nuclear weapons. 

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The Organization’s Mission

Creating meaningful change 

We aim to create meaningful change in nuclear disarmament by increasing the presence of African youth in this sector with the goal of platforming the voices of affected communities from the African region.


We intend to emphasize the need for victims assistance and environmental remediation by raising awareness on the consequences of nuclear weapons and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. 

Nyuklia Eureka aims to foster intergenerational dialogue, leverage the dual identity of Africans in the diaspora and take up role of being the bridge between Africa and the rest of the international community as well as make this sector more accessible for African Youth. 

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