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How We Work


The research team focuses on writing papers and articles about nuclear weapons their role in Africa, their humanitarian and enviromental consequences and how young Africans can contribute to

the debate.


The community team works on finding new and innovative ways to involve young Africans from all walks of life and other social movements in the nuclear disarmament debate. 


The communications team is in charge of making this sector more accessible to by breaking down the policies and notions in nuclear disarmament and sharing them on social media and with our members. 


The fundraising team, helps secure fund to support the work we do. Thereby enabling representation of young Africans in decision making spaces. 


The advocacy team works on amplifying our voices by reaching out to those at the decision making tables,  through activism actions as well as bridging the intergenerational gap through conversations. 


The operations team coordinates the day-to-day running of the project. Ensuring all runs smoothly whenever we are planning  any actions, programs and/or events. 


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