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Africa and Nuclear Weapons: the role of young Africans in nuclear disarmament.

Africa is a nuclear weapons-free zone by virtue of the “Pelindaba Treaty” (African Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Treaty). Africa must be fully represented in every conversation on the issue of nuclear weapons use because as a continent that has “laid down” its nuclear weapons, it is in a unique moral position to ask the same of others.

Africa is very important to the conversation on nuclear weapons use because it all begins on the continent, as nuclear materials are often sourced from African countries, mined through the hard work of young Africans.

This webinar aims to provide a floor for African academics and young people to share their expertise and experiences as Africans engaged in the advocacy for nuclear disarmament.

It will provide the historical context of Africa’s relation with nuclear weapons, tracing back to the mines in the Congo that was key in creating the bombs the US detonated on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the Pelindaba Treaty, and Africa’s role in the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. The webinar will also illustrate the devastating consequences nuclear weapons production is having on the continent by platforming speakers from affected communities as well as highlighting the leadership role of young Africans in this sector.

The overall objective is to develop an understanding of the dangers nuclear weapons pose to Africa despite it being a nuclear weapons-free zone, and the paramount importance of African voices in nuclear disarmament deliberations. What can and what do African academics and young people already contribute to these discussions?

Our speakers will be drawn from diverse backgrounds, they will bring unique perspectives to the conversation both from the global north and south. We will involve industry experts in nuclear disarmament and climate issues. The speakers are to be determined subsequently.

Speakers, date, and time to be announced soon.

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